Hairball Willie Member Bio's
After sixteen years apart, Hairball Willie is heading back to the stage. The band, led by Furthur guitarist John Kadlecik, also features guitarist Rob Ezsak, vocalist Eric Olson, drummer Dave Seagren and bassist Dale Woods.

From 1986 to 1996 Hairball Willie brought it's eclectic mix of rock, blues, folk, jam band and Grateful Dead music to venues across northern Illinois and beyond. Fans took a quick liking to the essence of Hairball Willie for their creative, progressive, powerful, boogie inspired sound. Fans always left with a satisfied soul, and very sweaty. The band was originally formed by Woods, Seagren and Olson, along with guitarists Jerry Baker and Mike Crowe. The orginal formation lasted only a few years. When both Baker and Crowe left to pursue higher education, they were replaced by Ezsak and Kadlecik. This group was responsible for releasing Hairball Willie's only studio album, “Just Defying Gravity”. In 1995 Ezsak and Olson left the group to pursue other musical outlets, and were replaced by guitarist Chris Jonson and keyboard player R.J. Gouldin. This version of the band continued through 1996, when Kadlecik left to join Uncle John's Band.

The Band Is:

John Kadlecik - Lead Guitarist and Vocalist - went on to form Dark Star Orchestra, and currently tours with Furthur, as well as the John K. Band.

Dave Seagren - Percussion - continues to make music with Tropical Sound Steel Band and Steel Crazy. He is also a music instructor at Waubonsee Community College.

Rob Ezsak - Rhythm Guitarist and Vocalist - can currently be found on stage with the band The Bank, playing lots of classic rock.

Dale Woods - Bassist and Vocalist - Is currently playing in the bands, Completely Dead, The Dire Wolves and Wood Groove in the Chicago area.

Eric Olson - Lead Vocalist - is currently a member of Funktional Family, as well as working with Seagren in Steel Crazy.

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